Bathtime Boogie

April 4, 2018 - News
Bathtime Boogie

Hearing the title, Bathtime Boogie, players might be confused as to what the game has to offer. But this game is actually very interesting with fun mechanics. This is a shoot’em up game, if you don’t have any idea what this game is like; this is normally a top down scrolling kind of game where a kind of aircraft blows up stuff along the way. This genre is pretty solid that it has been played in every generation, and you can be assured that Bathtime Boogie is not a weak link, when it comes to gameplay.

An adorable tiny aircraft with a heart on it ,and many other vibrant graphics are featured in this game. Judging by the appearance, you might think that it’s not as challenging as the others, but watch out because this game is composed of different levels and each level suddenly becomes more challenging. Controlling an aircraft with an index finger is how the control works; the goal is to guide the aircraft through a never-ending level which is full of baddies. Baddies are those germs with little faces. Shooting with bubbles and flying into the enemies is what an aircraft must do to eliminate the enemies. The aircraft has to be careful though, because once the heart is hit, then the player’s one life is lost.

This game has, Facebook connect, Twitter, integration to Open Feint and of course Game Center achievements where players can brag about their achievements and scores. The main goal of this kind of genre is of course highscore. Players just keep coming back to play this game, if not to beat their own score, then to beat another players’. The gameplay is very challenging, the mere idea of the baddies presented different in each level has made for a very exciting game-playing time.