Cut the Rope: Experiments

April 23, 2018 - Best Iphone Games
Cut the Rope: Experiments

It seems like ages ago we were all playing Cut the Rope, enjoying multitudes of beautifully rendered levels, physics based puzzles and just living it up in the good old days. Well today, having seen the release of Cut the Rope: Experiments, I actually got thinking and realized that the original candy featuring puzzler has been out for less than a year.

Developed by ZeptoLab, but without Chillingo as a publisher this time, Cut the Rope: Experiments is hardly a sequel. There are some new elements to the game, but over all this feels like an update rather than a completely new game.

Assuming you’re one of the 3 people who’s never played Cut the Rope, it’s a physics based puzzle game, featuring the adorable green monster accurately named Om Nom. Om Nom doesn’t do anything, he just sits there expecting candy to reach his mouth, and it’s your duty to make sure that happens. This is very easy to do most of the time, but if you’re looking for a happier Om Nom and a higher score, you’ll want to collect the 3 stars scattered on each level.

Cut the Rope: Experiments doesn’t change any of the above. It doesn’t change any of the above at all in fact. There are 75 levels strewn across 3 boxes. You’ll “meet” The Professor, a new character that we only see in the form of a hand placing the candy in the first box. Other than that, you will only hear him wish you the best and congratulate you as you progress.

The first box introduces new players to the general mechanics of the game: The candy swinging from a piece of rope that you can cut, the bubbles that will lift your candy that you can pop, the spikey platforms you have to avoid, the whoopee cushions that will push your candy into this or that direction, the bouncy platforms that will cause your candy to bounce (duh), the sliders that you can move around for better positioning to attach a piece of rope to falling/moving candy, spiders, expiring stars to make add to the urgency, etc. Stuff you’re most likely used to, or will pick up very quickly.

The second box introduces you to one of the new features of the game, the shooting buttons that will launch a rope with a plunger at the end of it directly towards your plunger. It doesn’t matter where your candy is, as this rope cannon auto-targets it. There’s a little bit of strategy involved as to when you shoot it, so as to make sure the length of rope is adequate for what you want to do next, but it’s mostly a very simple deal.

The third box will provide you with the new suction pads mechanic, which allows you to attach or detach the base holding the rope that is holding the candy. It’s a neat mechanic, very easy to pick up. When there are 2 such pads on a level, you’ll be performing some neat acrobatics tricks with them, holding one attached to the screen, and the other detached and swinging wildly. It’s a fun mechanic, and very simple to use.

There are other improvements to the game, mainly graphics and sound-wise, but without any other meaningful additions. The Professor isn’t really an addition since he doesn’t well…do anything. The 2 new mechanics are a lot of fun, but just that. Two new mechanics. There’s also mention of some hidden photos in the levels but we haven’t seen/found them as of yet.

My main concern for this new game is that in ZeptoLab’s rush to escape from under Chillingo’s boot heel, and trust you me, that is exactly what they were doing, otherwise this game could have easily been just an update, they’ve made the game a bit too easy and light. Whether that’s true or not remains to be seen as the developers add new content (and we have to give them props for that, they are always prompt about adding a bunch of new content).