Dofus: Battles HD

April 22, 2018 - News
Dofus: Battles HD

Dofus: Battles HD (iPHone version: Dofus:Battles for iPhone) is a little bit of mixture between, RPG or role-playing game, a little bit of tower defense and real-time which is set in “The World of Twelve”.  In this game “The World of Twelve”, Dofus (Don’t get confused with doofus) the MMORPG has begun. Dofus: Battles is a totally detached and different game so as not to be played exactly like an MMORPG.

The gameplay in general is very entertaining. This game is designed mainly like a tower-defense. So, when playing this game you’ll find yourself busy defending the mighty dragon in one side and battling against the monster in the other. At the same time, heroes (towers) are quickly required to be built so as not to let the monsters get to the dragon. And one interesting thing is that, between the strong waves, the heroes can  be bought. In addition, new heroes can also be built right after the mighty waves or even during, the gamer just need to collect 5 crystal (which often falls from the monster that died). 6 support and 6 attacking is the new 12 variety of heros. Each hero is introduced in the game 2 at a time, and each one is even more sophisticated and not to mention, unique. The game would normally begin with one simple healer and a warrior and you end up meeting with some cunning strike-increaser and the sly life-stealer.

On each map, levels are one great part of each area. Currently, a mini-game which is similar to roulette can be unlocked, allowing you to win Gold. So, for a player to take a break and at the same time gather more gold there is an option to play the Labyrinth-like game. Once heroes reach level up (getting experienced after each level is completed) the variety of items to be purchased by the heroes are unlocked. And usually 4 heroes would normally achieve experience each time. However, when a level is fully completed with only 3 heroes, another amount of experience is given to a random 4th one.

Unfortunately, during the tutorial, not everything is indicated which perhaps, is not a good job in this game. It was until the 3rd or perhaps 4th level, that I discovered the inventory when all the little monsters almost finished me. However, it took me another few levels to find out that there was a shop to purchase stuff and money to buy it with. But all the other features are pretty similar and is probably obvious to all gamers, I still think it would be best if everything was shown in the tutorial.