eBoo Space Adventures

March 12, 2018 - Game Reviews
eBoo Space Adventures

The App Store is currently filled to the brim with puzzle games, logic games, brain teasers, and a LOT of physics engine games. So what makes eBoo Space Adventures stand out?

Well, it could be the extremely cute square green alien, the beautiful graphics, the great sounds, the realistic physics engine, the well built (and fun) levels, or many other such features. In truth, it’s a combination of all of these. With a fun back story and some extremely well designed levels, eBoo Space Adventures is a treat.

In the game you assume the role of eBoo, a cute green spongebob squarepants-looking alien fellow that has accidentally been conscripted into the military and must now undergo a series of missions to defend his planet. These missions (aka 50 levels) require eBoo (aka you) to navigate a classic looking flying saucer around intricate levels, while dodging all types of impediments. You can’t touch the walls, as that will damage your spaceship, and 4-5 hits means game over. You also have limited time during which you need to accomplish a mission’s goal. There are some small time bubbles you can pick up that will grant you some more time per level but they’re usually tricky to get to and can distract you from the rest of the level.

This is one of the things that eBoo Space Adventures does well. It brings back challenging levels, something that most new games seem to have decided to ignore in favor of simple, easy-to-do quests or levels. The levels aren’t difficult enough to get you to ragequit, but they do tease your brain a bit, especially if you decide to try to collect all the stars in a level (in order to improve your score, similar to angry birds).

The controls seem a tiny bit sluggish to react at times, but then again that might just be our slow reflexes and tendency to blame the game instead of ourselves. The hardest part is remembering that this game requires you to maintain a constant upward thrust, while also taking advantage of the game’s very realistic physics engine. You’ll need to use the controls to maximum efficiency in order to avoid getting shot by energy balls, hit by huge machines, cut by huge swinging axes, poisoned by gas (that has a great effect that we did not expect one bit), etc.

The game has a sense of adventure that mixed in with the logic and puzzle solving nature of the levels makes for a fun game that will keep you entertained for quite a while. Obviously there’s facebook as well as Game Center integration, though that is to be expected of all newer games.