Hills of Glory

March 13, 2018 - Game Reviews
Hills of Glory

Hills of Glory is a fun, action packed mixture of tower defense games and World War 2 themed games. While not quite either of the two, this hybrid game gets the job done exceptionally well, in some action packed levels.

The World War 2 genre is extremely cramped, it’s always been that way. From nazi zombies to tower defense games, to shooters, pretty much every possible game genre has covered this certain era of our history. Whether the game’s atmosphere is dark and gritty or overtly realistic it’s always going to have a following. The exact same thing can be said about tower defense games.

Hills of Glory does both, and at the same time neither. While it is based on the 2nd World War, it’s not an extremely accurate portrayal of that particular conflict, and while it –could- be considered a tower defense game, it has none of the usual elements found in such games. There is no placing towers in certain spots, there is no upgrading them or removing them, there is no path building.

Instead, you have a list of soldiers that you can choose from (some get unlocked as the game progresses), each with its own distinct ability. Before each level you can choose 3 of your available soldiers, which are then holed up in a bunker at the top of the screen. Enemies start pouring from several directions towards you.

Your soldiers will shoot at them, and you can also activate their special abilities at any time by clicking on the button associated with the ability you want to use. The trick here is that each ability has a certain cooldown, range, and area of effect, as well as a different type of application necessary (tapping an area, sliding your finger, etc.) so you have to time these special abilities and also target them correctly.