ScAPPergories: ONLINE

March 24, 2018 - Best Iphone Games
ScAPPergories: ONLINE

ScAPPergories: ONLINE by Bitdrome S.R.L. is a trivia game, similar (as you may have guessed) to the famous party game Scattergories, that will test your knowledge on various subjects, having you uniquely name things from set categories, eventually driving you to learn more just so you can beat your own scores.

The game is your typical trivia styled app, with the addition that a lot of effort clearly went into both the graphics of the game, which are really terrific by the way, and the databases used to check your answers.

When starting a challenge, you can select exactly which categories of trivia you want to be tested on, whether it’s 1, 2, 3, or any number up to the 10 categories available. As you begin the game, a letter is randomly selected, and all you have to do is make an entry for each category with a word beginning with that letter (and that is appropriate for that category). You’ll be quizzed about First names, Adjectives, Capitals, Actor Last Names, Colors, Countries, Occupations, Fruits & Vegetables, Animals and Sports. Each challenge is timed, so you don’t have much time. You COULD potentially just sit in front of your computer and google stuff, but that would sort of defeat the entire point of having fun.

The trick to getting a high score is using longer words. One letter = one point, so if you’re on the “Capitals of the World” category and have been given the letter C, you’re going to want to chooseCopenhagenoverCairo. This makes the game more fun, although it can obviously be abused by players that simply write down (or memorize) the longest for each category of each letter. And honestly, if they did that, it’s still a win, as they’ve probably increased their knowledge.

ScAPPergories is full of game choices, making it fit any type of challenge you want. Single player allows you to do a 1 letter, 3 letter, 5 letter or 10 letter challenge. The multiple letter challenges basically mean that 3, 5, or 10 letters will be randomly chosen and you will have to go through all the aforementioned categories for each of those letters.  (as described above), which can be difficult given that there’s a timer on these challenges. Don’t be scared, the timer isn’t the same as for a 1 letter challenge, as it’s multiplied by the number of letters. Example: 1 letter normal difficulty challenge = 2 minutes 30 seconds. 3 letter normal difficulty challenge = 7 minutes 30 seconds.

You can also adjust the difficulty of each challenge, either trying it onNormal, Hard or Impossible Mode. The difficulty increase consists of a much shorter timer, meaning your trivia better be up to date and ready to be accessed and your typing skills better be damn good when you’re on a 30 second timer with 10 categories to answer.

What makes or breaks a trivia game is how good the answer databases are. People absolutely hate being told that they entered a wrong word when they in fact got it right. ScAPPergories is no angel in this arena. While it generally has well equipped databases, you will sometimes run into some problems. We for instance ran into it telling us “Maid” is not an occupation, “Charismatic” is not an adjective, and neither is “Joyful”. Its sports section is also a bit limited, and obscure names will not be accepted as correct. It did however accept “Zelda” as a Name entry which we found absolutely awesome. It’s quite obvious that any problems they may have in this area would be in these categories that have the largest databases (occupations, adjectives, names), and any sane player would understand that.

However, Bitdrome went one step further and actually covered their backs in a smart way. When finishing a challenge, you have the option of seeing your wrong (and right) answers. When looking at your wrong answers, if you feel one of them was in fact right, by clicking a button you can directly send it to them in order to be added to their database.

By far, the game’s most awesome feature is that you can play vs. your friends, as well as total strangers over their own private servers, Game Center which is fully integrated (and has a bunch of achievements), or wi-fi.