Silly Army

March 27, 2018 - Game Reviews
Silly Army

Silly Army by developer Zen Sputnik is a bouncing game that mixes elements of logic, puzzle and platform tilting games.

Don’t let the name fool you, you do not control any sort of army. Instead, “army” stands for armadillo. The protagonist of the game is a bouncy armadillo on the hunt for bugs (and stars). The game is at the very core of the generic bouncing variety, with the player controlling direction by touching the left or right side of the touch screen.

The game can get a bit confusing at times, especially when using the butterfly power up, at which time you no longer bounce vertically but horizontally and now you control the armadillo by touching the upper half or lower half of the touch screen.

This game is a terrific test of patience, and we’ve found that patience wins in this game far more often than rushing in with an “oh this seems easy enough” attitude. Even the simplest looking levels can be extremely tricky. The levels become even more challenging as you advance, not only through level design but also the introduction of moving platforms that you control by tilting your iDevice. There is a design flaw with them, in that in order to tilt the vertical ones you will invariably end up with the iDevice in an extremely uncomfortable position that doesn’t just strain your hands but your eyes as well. Another small aggravating feature is that the armadillo will sometimes bounce off a block’s corner unexpectedly, so it’s best to avoid those corners. The same can be said about the spiked blocks corners, as they are nearly invisible and a bit extended (don’t assume you’ll be ok just cause you’re “near” a block, you might bounce into its corner and die). Another issue is that the game does not featureGameCenter, which is a bit of a letdown, as just about every single game that comes out nowadays has it integrated.

You get three lives per level and we’ve found that’s enough for all levels. It gets tricky when your aim is to collect all the 3 stars (3 per level) as well, as that can be a truly arduous task. The power ups are a lot of fun, and you’ll find that the levels are designed in such a way that you may need to use every single one in a level to finish it.

The game’s graphics are very simple, but they work well. This game isn’t really about the atmosphere, but the intense brain-teasing, “dammit, I NEARLY had it!  I can do this if I just try one more time” feel. The background music works well, but the sounds are a bit silly. We kind of suck at this type of game so we heard the “ouch” and “Let’s Go” effects waaaaaay too many times. Thankfully, the developer was wise enough to allow the option to switch the sound effects off. The game is challenging, and we cannot stress out how much it helps you practice your patience skills, as rushing into a level will most surely result in all 3 lives lost.