April 20, 2018 - Best Iphone Games

SuperRope by Craneballs Studios is a vertical jumping game, extremely similar to most other such games, like Ninjump or Ninjatown: Trees of Doom.

Featuring bright, vibrant colors, SuperRope is a high score game where the goal of the game is to last as long as you can, jumping from platform (rope) to platform (rope) in this vertical scroller. Much like just about every other vertical scroller, you will occasionally come across single use power ups that you can pick up and that are used instantaneously.
The helicopter hat and rocket that were made famous by Doodle Jump are obviously integrated, as well as magnets that will draw in either the coins around you or the stars.
You have the option of jumping from rope to rope by sliding your finger in the direction you want to jump in, or by using the “tap on the left side or right side of the touch screen” option. We found that the second option is much better as it just seems much quicker.

There are 3 difficulty modes, and the difference between them is the speed with which you climb the ropes, the existence of enemies at the top of the ropes, and of course, falling items.
It would appear at first glance that the Easy difficulty is the most desirable, however it has been our experience that the Hard setting  is much more fun, as you’re moving very quickly. The speed with which you climb counters the addition of enemies at the top of the ropes (unique design depending on the world you are playing in), and the falling items are preceded by a warning so you can easily dodge them.
There are 2 currencies in the game. In-game money represented by coins, bills, diamonds and bags of money only increases your score. Stars on the other hand, which are harder to come by, are the currency that you need for the in-app purchases.

SuperRope is free to download, however everything except for the first world and character is locked and can only be unlocked by using the aforementioned stars. You can try to collect as many as you can, or you can buy them with real money (or you can just watch a bunch of videos and get a bunch of free ones). There are 4 extra characters (that look like a mix of Spongebob and Ren & Stimpy hybrids), 4 extra worlds and a bunch of upgrades you can unlock, and the universal price for now is 1000 stars for each of these.