Temple Run

March 17, 2018 - Best Iphone Games
Temple Run

Imangi Studios has released some very popular, fun games, praised for their extremely fun gameplay. Titles such as Max Adventureor Harbor Master are known to most iDevice gamers as classic fun, addictive games. Temple Run, their newest title is no exception.
This 3D endless runner is easily one of the most addictive games I’ve played in the past month. With the usual elements of any runner game, Temple Run manages to implement the 3D aspect flawlessly, making this game both attractive graphics-wise, as well as gameplay-wise.
Temple Run has you playing the archetypal Indiana Jones explorer-type hero whose kleptomania and thirst for adventure and near-death experiences, derived most likely from a severe case of hypomania, have driven him to loot an idol out of a jungle temple. This has somewhat irked the local demonic gorillas, and they’ve decided that our explorer friend would taste quite well with a dash of salt. And so begins the running.

Jumps, slides, and corner turns are done by swipes in the direction you want to go in, as opposed to fixed buttons. It might be a bit unusual, but we actually found it way more fun, since we’d sometimes miss buttons on other running games.
While Temple Run has the usual jump and slide mechanics, it differentiates itself by a lot from the other runners that are out there. Most running games are linear, 2D games where all you have to focus on are obstacles that you avoid by either jumping over or sliding underneath. Temple Run will have you constantly turning corners, jumping, sliding, and collecting coins along the way. This corner turning mechanic makes for an extremely dynamic and fast-paced game, where you don’t know what you’re about to run into as you turn left/right. It might be a huge gap you have to jump over, or maybe a tree trunk that you have to slide under, or many more.

The obstacles are your usual run-of-the mill obstacles. Tree roots that you need to jump over, large gaps that require long jumps, tree trunks that you need to slide through, flaming idols, sacrifice altars, etc. On top of this, should you forget to make a turn, you will instantly die as you hit the water all around. Some of the obstacles, such as small roots or not quite making a jump won’t kill you outright, but rather slow you down. Slow down twice in a row and you’re demon ape chow.
The game incorporates tilt mechanics as well, in that you can move your character left and right by tilting your device, in order to collect the coins that are spread across the platforms you’re running on. Collecting coins fills a gauge, and every time you fill it, it will empty up, allowing it to be filled again. Each fill means an additional multiplier bonus to your final score, so collecting these coins is a must if you’re looking for high scores.

There are 5 helpful upgrades in the store. Four of them can be upgraded multiple times, each subsequent upgrade costing exponentially more. As you unlock them, they will start showing up during the chase as power ups. The final one is the Resurrection option, which is a single use power up, that you can purchase multiple times.
These upgrades are bought with coins, like the ones you collect during your run. However, as the costs get exponentially higher, the amounts you earn may not be able to keep up. We didn’t have a lot of problems, and the upgrades can definitely be bought with regular coins, however impatient players can also buy coins as an IAP with real money.
Obviously, Temple Run features Game Center integration, with leaderboards and a bunch of achievements.