The Heist

April 13, 2018 - News
The Heist

The Heist developer is Inventive, Inc. Price of the game is: $1.99. This game has a great deal of variety, each type of puzzle is really not similar to the previous. It really worth trying.

Hidden in the guise of the heist which is now pretty classic, there are 4 collections of different puzzles, that form this game. Protected heavily behind the solid and fortified safe is the game’s secret reward. And in order to bypass the line of defense, the player must trickily finish the required number of puzzles.

A phone call signals the start of the game. You heard correctly, a simple call. A mysterious guide named, Sophia gives a ring to what seems like a realistic call. Once the phone call was answered, Sophia will then give the instructions as well as encourage the gamers. However, this regular interruption is not really that useful in the game, but it does provide a different experience not present in other puzzle games out there. Any type of story included in the game, either complex or simple is still a great addition in any game.

The best thing about this game is that there is a great deal of variety, each type of puzzle is really not similar to the previous. The puzzles don’t need to be finished in a strict order. Also in this game, there is a type of puzzle which is a Sudoku-like one, a block puzzling and a sliding one which is totally different from Unblock Me. There are different levels of difficulty in each of these puzzles, but players still need to start in a terribly easy level in order for them to get to know the game better. This is important, as actual instructions on how to play the game are not formally introduced.