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April 22, 2018 - News
The latest iPhone Games News

Glu’s famous Gun Bros features a $500 IAP

IAPs, like all microtransactions, are a touchy subject. People will often complain if a game features microtransactions, and call it a “pay to win” game, or a “win with your wallet” game. There’s always a group of people that support them however, mostly as it helps developers earn money.
Whether you stand on the side of the angels or the devils on this one isn’t the focus of the discussion here, though. What we’re going to talk about is the Kraken gun, the IAP that currently costs $500 (also known as 3499 War Bucks, the Gun Bros in-game currency).

Getting this kind of money in-game is unrealistic at best, especially since a certain glitch that allowed you to earn a lot of money has been fixed. So why Glu decided to up the price of their most powerful weapon from $200, its old price to $500 is beyond us.
Either way, here’s a video of the weapon in action, as shown by a player that used the previously existing glitch to earn the in-game currency to purchase it (back when it cost “only” $200):

Firemint releases gameplay trailer for new game, Spy Mouse

Previously known as Agent Squeak, Spy Mouse is Firemint’s latest announced title. With heavyweight titles such as Flight Control and Real Racing, Firemint has developed a large fan base, of which I am proud to mention I am one. So when they decided to release a gameplay video, I was truly stoked.

Not that much is known about the game, except that it’s going to be a top-down line-drawing action game, which puts a cute James Bond-esque mouse in situations where he has to sneak around, evade cats , activate buttons to open doors, and pick up as much cheese as possible. There are 72 levels spread across 6 worlds, and given the previous experience from Flight Control we can only imagine that this new line drawer will feature more than just eye candy graphics (which it does have though).
The game is slated for a Summer release, so Firemint still has about a month and a half available to launch the game, but unfortunately we don’t have any additional information. We’ll be sure to keep checking though.