Tiny Lights

March 14, 2018 - Game Reviews
Tiny Lights

Much more often than we’d care to, we find ourselves reviewing games that have a lot of potential but are greatly lacking in the actual execution per whole. Whether the intended genre is adventure but the game is lacking in the visual or story aspect, or whether the game is very story-driven but lacking in the game play aspect is unimportant. The major problem is that said game is lacking.

Unfortunately, Tiny Lights seems to belong to this category of games, as a game with an intriguing (and refreshing) atmosphere, that could have been turned into much more. The game suffers from several problems however, such as poor character control, overly simple puzzles, a currency that is all but useless in your endeavor and so on.

Tiny Lights allows you to choose one of 5 different characters, each with his own special ability, his own glowy character and slightly different shape. You control these characters via point and click and use them to explore the dark world of the game. Each character has special abilities, whether it is being able to attack, being able to open doors, find secrets, etc. The in-game currency that you can pick up is used to improve your village, making it more visually appealing and offering a sense of reward.

I believe that the game tries to be too many things at once. A shooter that has no variety as only 1 of the characters can attack and his attacks cannot be modified or improved, and that is impeded by the moving system, often moving you towards the enemy instead of shooting at them, a puzzle game that has extremely simple puzzles that only seem to slow down your progress rather than make you think too much, a currency system that has little rewards, and so on.