Torture Bunny

March 25, 2018 - Game Reviews
Torture Bunny

We went into Torture Bunny expecting a tremendous game, having been spoiled by previous Clickgamer titles such as Helsing’s Fire or Angry Birds. Unfortunately, much to our dismay, Torture Bunny was not nearly all that it was cracked up to be.

Torture Bunny is essentially a level building game. Players select from a multitude of elements (boxing gloves, flails, spiked wheels, etc.) and build their level in such a way as to maximize the damage that the bunny protagonist endures.

This is basically a clone of The Incredible Machine, the amazing game from the early-mid 90’s that also exists on the App Store. That game’s purpose is to build a level allowing you to reach point B from point A. There is a huge sense of satisfaction involved in solving the levels in The Incredible Machine that simply wasn’t there in Torture Bunny.

To us it seems like a game that isn’t really sure what it is. Is it a puzzle game? Not really, because carrots (the in-game reward system) are extremely easy to get. The levels aren’t empty, with already damaging traps there. You could simply not even add any elements, because the bunny is still going to get damaged and eventually reach the floor (which ends the level). So what is the purpose of the game? Fun? While it is slightly fun watching a (lazily created) ragdoll suffer, the graphics are very very mild. The fact that the character is nothing more than a ragdoll only furthers the frustration and force us to ask ourselves why we’re even playing this game, as the level of satisfaction we get from watching the ragdoll bunny suffer is about the same as watching a brick suffer.

I suppose the answer is that this game is supposed to make you think in order to place the exact elements you should be placing in the exact spots to inflict the most damage while also using the traps that already exist in the levels. That however is defeated by the fact that the reward system is too easy, and that wasting 10 minutes to create a monster level of pain for our ragdoll friend (we know he’s in pain because of the silly sounds he makes that clash with the less-than-great background music) is simply not worth it compared to the amount of fun you gain from it.